Evacusafe’s evacuation chairs are approved by Dubai Civil Defense!

Evacusafe manufactures high-quality, CE Certified, specialized evacuation equipment. We provide solutions for businesses and organizations that need to be compliant with current Health and Safety Legislation and the Equalities Act.

We have designed and manufacturered solutions for businesses and organizations that need to meet the requirements of current legislation on health and safety. Our equipment and training courses ensure everyone has a fair chance of escape during an emergency situation. We can assist you with lost prevention advice and provide specialist tools to aid the safe escape of people of determination.

The Evacusafe range of products is designed for when people cannot use the stairs unaided due to mobility impairment, in a multi-level building.  These products will help a mobility-impaired person leave a building via the stairs if the elevator stops working. They are designed for people with injuries, mobility problems, those in wheelchairs, people with injuries or disability problems, and for women who are heavily pregnant. People who may require assistance in an emergency situation.

During an emergency, such as a building fire, the elevator will usually be out of service, leaving stairways as the main escape route.  

Evacusafe products are already hugely successful in the UAE

Evacusafe products are already hugely successful in the UAE and GCC with prestigious clients such as the Burj Khalifa Tower, the world’s tallest building, Etihad, The Rose Rayhaan, the world’s tallest hotel, Emaar, Qatar Financial Centre, and International Extended Care in Saudi Arabia to name a few.

The types of venues that an evacuation chair can be used include, but is not limited to, hotels, hospitals / medical centres, office towers, residential buildings, malls and schools.

Meeting workplace safety obligations

This is a subject of which your Loss Prevention Officer should already be fully aware. When the situation demands, a single person using one of our Tracked Evacuation Chairs can assist in the evacuation of an individual by deploying the chair on the stairway and manoeuvring the chair and patient to ground level and safety. With a smooth/controlled descent, our equipment will help reduce manual handling and the need for heavy lifting.

Certified, professional training available

We provide evacuation chair training on all types of evacuation chairs and fire evacuation equipment. We offer two types of training courses also, both of which are fully certified. Key Trainer courses are available for companies and organizations who wish to have their own staff trained to a level to deliver their own evacuation equipment training sessions. Basic Operator Training is for individuals who need a good understanding of how to operate evacuation equipment.  Click here for more information about our training courses.

Watch our demonstration videos:

Standard evacuation chair

Excel evacuation chair

Tri-wheel transit wheelchair

Evacuslider rescue-sheet

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