+ What is an Evacuation Chair.

An evacuation chair is a chair that uses tracks and friction to evacuate people from a building in the case of an emergency.

+ Who can be evacuated in an Evacuation Chair?

Anyone who can not walk downstairs unaided. This can include The Elderly, Disabled People, Injured People, People who have been taken ill, Pregnant Women. Our chairs are suitable for use by both adults and children.

+ Where can Evacuation Chairs be used?

Evacuation Chairs can be used in any building that has more than one floor. This can include hotels, offices, schools, hospitals and apartments.

+ Who are the best people to receive training?

Health & Safety Officers, Loss prevention officers, any member of staff who is part of the evacuation procedure. The important thing is to train people who are based in the building in which the chair is housed.

+ How many people are required to use an Evacuation Chair?

We recommend two people use the evacuation chair at any time. Along with the chair, we offer a training package to ensure that the staff can use the chair if an emergency situation occurs.

+ Where in the building should the Evacuation Chair be stored?

The evacuation chairs should be stored in the stairwells on every floor. We can also supply cabinets for the chairs to be stored in, if required.

+ What else is supplied with the Evacuation Chair?

The Chair also comes with a dust cover, wall hooks for hanging the chair on the wall and signage.

+ What is the training package?

Each training package will take approximately 1-1 ½ hours to complete and within this time we will train a maximum of 6 people to use the chair efficiently. A certificate will be issued to everyone who completes the training course. A fee for the training course is applicable.

+ What other products can be used in an emergency when an Evacuation Chair is not suitable?

We have a range of moving and handling products to cover all situations. Our range of moving and handling products are designed for use in hospitals and by the emergency services and include products for evacuating babies, children and adults. For more information specifically on our moving and handling products, please contact us.