Evacusafe's standard evacuation chair being used for stairway evacuation procedure

Standard Evacuation Chair Model Is Now Back in Stock

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Evacusafe UK is delighted to announce that its popular Standard model Evacuation Chair is now back in stock and available for orders after a short delay in taking delivery of new stock.

With the unfortunate events happening throughout the world in recent years and months, such as the Covid pandemic and now the war in Ukraine, many companies have been faced with challenging times with increased material costs and erratic delivery schedules. Evacusafe is constantly monitoring changes and has increased stock levels to help with demand.

So, now is the ideal time to get online and visit www.evacusafe.co.uk/shop/evacuation-chair-standard/ – on top of which you’ll automatically save 5% on any items within the Evacusafe range when you make your purchase online.  The discount has already been applied to all prices.

This model is sometimes referred to as Evacusafe’s entry-level tracked evacuation chair, due to the low cost making it more appealing to those with a restricted budget for safety equipment.

However, the Standard model still packs a punch and is fully functional and easy to use to evacuate a mobility-impaired person from a building during an emergency.  They are particularly useful on stairways and have specially designed tracks, which come into play and grip the stairs, making the evacuee feel safe and giving a trained assistant confidence and the peace of mind that they are able to carry out a safe and effective evacuation.

In addition to the tracks, all Evacusafe’s chairs also have 4 wheels which are used when the chair is being pushed along a flat surface.  In fact, a professionally trained operative will find all of our models extremely easy to use.

As the law states that everyone deserves an equal chance of a safe escape!

Although this model is classed as the budget option, it still has excellent manoeuvrability and is very strongly made to enable a weight capacity of 150Kg.  Evacusafe truly believes the Standard Chair provides a basic and cost-effective solution for those with limited budget spending without compromising on performance.  It really is a very popular choice when it comes to a cost-effective evacuation solution.

If you have a slightly bigger budget then perhaps, you’ll be tempted by its big sister – the Excel Model Evacuation Chair, which also happens to be the company’s biggest seller.  Please visit this web page for more information: www.evacusafe.co.uk/shop/evacuation-chair-excel/.

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